What are the different types of jobs available at alexa infotech?

Thanks to AlexaInfotec.com! I spent a lot of time looking for the right data entry jobs but I was not satisfied until I managed to find Alexa Infotech, I am now able to earn from home. I keep coming back frequently to get new assignments from Alexa Infotech.

Why we should pay to start this work?

Deposit or fees is taken just to ensure your submission. You will work sensibly if you have paid for the same, it creates resposibility.

How can we trust you or is your company reliable?

Here your legal agreement would be made on stamp paper of 50 Rs. as an assurance for the every commitments which we have made over here.

When can i receive my payments?

After submitting your work our team carry QC of your work. you receive your payment within 10 days after submission.

What are the withdrawal modes available?

You will be paid for your earnings by Bank Transfer or Cheque.

How to submit my bank details or payment details to receive my payments?

If you want to get paid using Bank Transfer you need to submit your bank details at the time of registration.

Can i change my withdrawal Mode in future?

Yes, you can. You can get paid by your preferred payment mode anytime.

What are Qualified and Disqualified Pages?

QUALIFIED PAGE: Each and every page that is typed PERFECTLY and ACCURATELY i.e. without having any kind of typing mistake's; be considered as Qualified Page.

DISQUALIFIED PAGE: Any page with a single typing mistake or more than one mistakes whether it is punctuation mistake or spelling, any word missing or extra word typed, a space missing or an extra space given, a line missing or an extra line typed or an Enter missing or an Extra Enter made shall be considered as Disqualified Page. All such disqualified pages also shall be disqualified for payment.

How do i know my earnings?

After submitting your work it takes upto 10 days to complete QC of your submitted work. Once QC done by our team you will receive email of the QC and your estimated earning.

Example:- If out of total 500 pages, 430 pages get qualified and 70 pages get disqualified due to errors in it; then the total payment according to the payment slab will be 430*150=64500 INR.

If out of total 500 pages, 350 pages get qualified and 150 pages get disqualified due to errors in it, then the total payment according to the payment slab will be 350*120=42000 INR.